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Hi-Lo Round Top

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Hi-Lo Round Top

The Hi-Lo Round Top is our signature product. Engineered by Barlo experts and featuring our unique third-generation technology, it is also the most efficient panel radiator on the market.

Put simply, the Hi-Lo Round Top is the better choice for performance, quality and durability. With a heat output that’s 8 – 20% higher than competitor radiators of the same size, you can choose a smaller radiator and still get the same results – meaning more pennies in your pocket. The savings don’t stop there, either. Thanks to its super-efficient design, it also uses less water, which in turn takes less time to heat, meaning your boiler can switch off sooner. This means your rooms get warmer, faster and your bills stay low. For an even more efficient way to heat your home, the Hi-Lo Round Top is fully compatible with low-temperature heat sources, including renewable technologies (e.g. heat pumps).



Hi-Lo Round Top is verified by the Energy Saving Trust

* Heat output at a ∆T 50 and 30°C from the Barlo T11 and T22 Compact and Round Top radiators, compared to the main market competitors. Using British Standard testing data from EN 442-1:2014 standard. Correct as of July 2016 and until July 2018.

Energy Saving Trust


Made in the UK from British steel

Available in three types: Single Convector (Type 11), Double Panel Plus (Type 21) & Double Convector (Type 22)

Available in five heights from 300mm to 700mm and in lengths of 300mm up to 2000mm

Finished in high-quality white RAL 9016

10 year manufacturer’s warranty

Tested and certified according to BS EN 442

Tested to 13 bar, recommended operating pressure of 10 bar

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  • Radiator Feet

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  • Durable powder coated in white RAL 9016 paint for a brighter, whiter finish.