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Retirement complex warms to super-safe Barlo LST radiators


Schaffer House in Maidenbower is a sheltered housing complex for the over-65s. It comprises 46 flats and a number of communal facilities for residents. The heating system serving the communal lounge and hallways had previously been made up of an old-fashioned, non-condensing boiler and antiquated LST radiators, which were beginning to leak and had no temperature controls. This setup made it difficult to maintain a comfortable environment for residents and also resulted in significant heat wastage and higher-than-average bills.


To enhance residents’ safety and comfort, Crawley Borough Council (which manages Schaffer House) decided to overhaul the entire heating system as part of wider improvement works. In the communal areas, the boiler was replaced by with a new water source heat pump, and the existing emitters with 61 super-efficient Barlo Low Surface Temperature (LST) radiators. These feature advanced radiator technology that delivers optimal efficiency and heat transfer, even at Delta Ts as low as 30°C – making them the perfect match for low water temperature renewables like heat pumps.

Independently tested, the Barlo LSTs installed at Schaffer House are certified to meet BS EN442 standards and comply with NHS Safe Surface Temperature guidelines (maximum of 43°C). The emitters included are Hi-Lo Compact panel radiators, which feature third-generation technology that is unique to Barlo. This means they offer better heat transfer, lower water content, and the best heat outputs available, which means better energy savings and lower running costs across the whole heating system.


By replacing their old inefficient radiators with highly efficient ultra-modern Barlo LSTs, Schaffer House now keeps vulnerable residents safe, warm and comfortable and is making substantial cost and carbon savings. As a result of the complete system overhaul, the council will see a combined annual Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) income and ongoing savings of up to £12,700, as well a 49% reduction in carbon emissions.

 Customer testimonial

Carl Himsworth, Gas Manager at Crawley Borough Council, explains: “When it came to upgrading Schaffer House’s heating system, improving efficiency was crucial. Pairing our water source heat-pump with the right heat emitters was vital to ensure maximum performance. The Barlo LSTs do just that as it provides excellent heat output at lower water temperatures. Maximising safety was a further consideration during this project. The fact that the LSTs are fully compliant with all the necessary health and safety regulations was another plus. This includes NHS Safe Surface Temperature guidelines, which help protect Schaffer House’s more vulnerable residents from injury if their skin accidentally comes in to contact with the LST casing.”

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