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BIM Information
Building information modelling

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a digital representation of physical and functional characteristics of a facility. All Barlo products under the QRL Radiator Group entry have BIM components so you can use these 3D models to visualise and analyse entire projects regarding radiators. As a result, you can identify and resolve problems early in the design phase – when decisions can have the greatest impact on cost, schedule, and sustainability.

BIM Information

Barlo’s full range can be found on our BIMStore, all backed with the relevant data.

Guarantees, limitations, sizes, outputs and connection options are all shown here. These are ready to be specified and integrated into a BIM model at any time. The advantages to using our models in a BIM project are endless. These include identifying and resolving any potential problems long before they become a real time issue, scheduling and ordering will be accurate from the beginning and maintenance after construction will be made a lot easier by the amount of data in the COBIE drop.

Our models are completed using Revit software 2014, and are created by experts in BIM meaning there is no missing information and attention to detail is paramount.


BIM Information