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Barlo Designer Radiator App

Barlo Designer Radiator app

The Barlo Designer Radiator app is the ultimate tool for selecting designer radiators. Using augmented reality (AR) technology, the app allows installers (and homeowners) to see exactly how any one of Barlo’s vast range of designer radiators would appear in situ – all at the click of a button. It also provides a heat output calculator and an instant emailable quote.

How do I get it?

The Barlo Designer Radiator app is available to download now on GooglePlay and the AppStore.

Why should installers have it?

For installers, the app provides real added value for customers – giving them a unique opportunity to ‘try before they buy.’ It allows you to send branded quotes quickly and efficiently and also features a helpful heat loss calculator and stockist finder.

Barlo recommends installers request a starter pack, which provides a special AR wall marker for enhanced sizing accuracy. This can be done through the app or by clicking here.

How does it work?

The app is quick and easy to use:

  1. Enter your room sizes to get a rule-of-thumb calculation of the heat output required
  2. Choose your Barlo Design radiator (from a host of styles, sizes and colours)
  3. Point your smartphone camera at the wall (using our AR marker)
  4. See how your radiator would appear in a fully scaled, 3D mounted image

The app features Barlo’s complete design range (including popular Slieve, Adagio, Forza and Plaza models), so there’s a style (and colour palette) to suit any space, décor or budget. Boasting the best heat outputs on the market, this means style-savvy customers can enjoy high-end looks matched with equally high performance.

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App FAQs

A full user guide is available for download here

The Barlo Designer Radiator app is available for download on both Android and iOS devices.

The Barlo Design range is available through building and plumbing merchants across the UK and Ireland. Find your nearest stockist by selecting the stockist locator from the app main menu. For more information please call +44 (0)1633 657000.

You can email your saved projects to any recipient: simply enter their email address in the project area of the app. If you have registered, a copy will be sent to yourself.

Yes. Saved projects and quotes are found by clicking the ‘My Projects’ button on the app’s main menu.

The app is stored on your device only, therefore to amend your registration you will have to uninstall the app and re-upload it from your selected app store. Please make sure you email your projects to yourself beforehand for backup. Barlo Radiators does not keep copies of the projects emailed through the app.

No, however we recommend that if you are an installer you register for two reasons: 1. when you register you receive a starter pack which contains the all-important marker card and other useful items. 2. You will be able to send complete quotations for all radiators included on the project, customised with your company logo and contact details. (See our privacy policy)

No. You can only use the app to view a radiator in the room that you are in at any given time. There isn’t the option to upload an existing photo into the app at present. However, you can save projects and share them with recipients by email.

Yes – you can request a starter pack containing a pre-printed marker by emailing: barlodesignerapp@barlo.co.uk. However, you can still use the non-AR functionality of the app.

The marker file will be emailed in a fixed size. Make sure that you select “actual size” in your print menu. If you use a smaller marker, it will work, but the radiator will be incorrectly scaled.

For the most accurate sizing, we recommend using a marker – the AR functionality will not work without one. You can print your own marker in colour or black and white via the app or through the Barlo website. You can request a starter pack containing a pre-printed marker and additional product information by emailing: barlodesignerapp@barlo.co.uk. The app also offers the option to create projects without Augmented Reality (AR), showing a standard size radiator that you can adjust by touching the screen (with no marker necessary).

AR refers to Augmented Reality. It allows the app to visualise how Barlo Design radiators could look in your room using your mobile phone’s camera. It is safe and does not need to access the internet, only your phone’s camera.

Ideally yes, to get the most accurate output requirements.

The heat loss calculation determines the recommended heat output required to heat a room to 20°C. It’s based on a standard water central heating system with a flow temperature of 75°C and a return temperature of 65°C – called Delta T 50°C. The calculation used in the app is an industry-accepted rule of thumb and not an exact heat loss calculation.

For extensive product information about the Barlo Design range, please visit the Designer radiator page on our website: barlo.co.uk/range/designer/. On this site you’ll also find a product brochure and installation information for download.

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